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Metal pipes

Azarius has a wide range of metal pipes in various designs, sizes and colours. Besides the classic 'hammer pipe' Azarius offers various other small, lightweight and handy pocketsize pipes. Most metal pipes have a removable pipe head which makes cleaning it an easy job.

  You will be a'maze'd when you use this revolutionary smoking device. As the smoke passes through a 320mm long maze it's cleaned and cooled down, giving an amazing smoking experience. - Amazing Dope Tales
  Bang! Bang! You're stoned! This revolutionary smoking device will blow you away. The Bul-it deluxe pipe is in the shape of bullet casing and incorporates an internal maze system that cleans and cools the smoke. - Bul-it
  This is the kingsize version of Red-Eye's A'maze'd pipe, and indeed the King of smoking equipment. With a deeper maze-like smoke path, a bigger bowl and quality finish this is one of the best pipes available. - King A'maze'd
  The Raswell contains a 35 cm smoke path which acts like a heat sink, quickly cooling the smoke. The maze path then cleans and filters to deliver a hit that is from another galaxy! - Raswell
  Solopipe is the revolutionary self-igniting smoking device that combines a refillable, adjustable butane lighter with a high quality pipe. - Solopipe
  The Splif Stik delivers a smooth clean smoke through a 175mm 'maze' smoke path of cool solid aluminum. As the smoke passes through the Splif Stik, tar is collected in the maze path and the smoke is cooled giving you an altogether smoother smoke. - Splif stik
  Very cool looking and handy metal pipe with hemp decoration. The pipe is detachable in several parts. Available in green, red, yellow and purple. - Pipe metal 1
  Very hip metal pipe with removable pipe head in a different colour. Available in blue, green, red, purple and black. - Pipe metal 2
  The smallest metal pipe within our range! This pipe has a removable pipe head. Available in different mixed colours. - Pipe metal 3
  Tough and heavy metal pipe with removable pipe head. Available in different colour combinations. - Pipe metal 4
  Very stylish metal pipe with removable pipe head. This pipe has a very heavy and stabile metal foot. Available in orange and red. - Pipe metal 5
  Lightweight and handy pipe made of acryl in combination with metal. The pipe head is removable which makes the cleaning an easy job. Available in blue, green, yellow and red. - Pipe metal 6


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